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Resistance Podcasts

Here’s a list of some of the resistance-related podcasts I’ve come across in recent weeks. My favorite so far is BloomCast, by civil rights attorney (and fellow vegan) Lisa Bloom. Please be sure to share any relevant political podcasts that you’ve been listening to in the comment section. BloomCast: The Voice of the Resistance by Lisa Bloom Pod Save America by Crooked Media Trumpcast by Slate The FourFiftyOne by Summer Brennan Can He Do That? by The Washington Post Indivisible by WNYC And for additional resources check out this post, which I’m continuing to update. Keep resisting! ❤

PHOTOS: Women’s March Los Angeles

The Women’s March on Washington went global y’all (see: Pictures From Women’s Marches on Every Continent). And the Los Angeles sister march drew over 750,000 protestors – more than 10 times the number expected! Taking to the streets with a diverse community of progressive feminists (from all ages and walks of life) was an experience that meant so much to me. In spite of a dreadful Friday, and past year, the Women’s March served as a beam of light. There I saw hope in the form of thousands and thousands of people who are prepared to resist our frightening and repressive administration. We are the resistance. We will fight oppression and injustice together. In the words of Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan, we’re stronger together. Oh, and love trumps hate! Here are some photos from the LA women’s march. Though they don’t capture the scope of the march or the shared sense of urgency permeating the air, I thought they were worth sharing:

4 Days Until the Inauguration

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Last year I compiled a few great MLK quotes, and I found that re-reading them today helped rile me up for the week ahead, the next four years, and beyond. The fact that this guy, of all people, is going to be our next president is still difficult for me to digest. I plan on spending the next few days thinking about what I can do in the future – what we can all do – to fight for a more just and compassionate community, country, and world. For the next week or so all of my posts will be related to the presidential inauguration and incoming administration. Tomorrow I’m sharing more about why this president and his cronies and fans scare me, followed by a resistance inspired reading list, online resources for getting involved and making a difference, and quotes from great activists and leaders that will hopefully empower you to stand in opposition to those who wish to oppress and control. This Friday I will be attending an anti-Inauguration rally, and …