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This Week’s Essential Reads on Hollywood’s Diversity Issue

I’ve come across quite a few articles this week that I think are essential reads on the current state of diversity in Hollywood, and I decided that they’re important enough to share with y’all. What’s made in Hollywood is disseminated across the globe, and whether we like it or not, these images permeate our conscious and have a lasting effect on our lives. Because of the impact that these images have on our identities and how we identify others, I think it’s imperative that we examine what’s happening in Hollywood. So pour yourself a drink, get comfortable, and start reading! What It’s Really Like to Work in Hollywood* (*if you’re not a straight white man) What Does the Academy Value in a Black Performance? Hollywood is Suffering from an “Inclusion Crisis,” Diversity Study Says  

My Thoughts on This Year’s Golden Globe Awards

I used to love award shows when I was admittedly somewhat more naive. As I’ve grown older, I’ve began to realize that they don’t always mean all that much, other than to those who win them. Spectacular films, television shows, writers, cinematographers, actors, directors, producers, and artists from all aspects of the creative process are ignored year after year. And sometimes (or rather, often) sub-par films make the cut. An Oscar-winning film or performance does not always stand the test of time. My first observation from last night’s Golden Globes was that the winners weren’t all entirely predictable, which was quite refreshing. There were also so many tremendous speeches (some of my favorites included Gina Rodriguez, Common, Jeffrey Tambor, and Maggie Gyllenhaal) and as usual, Amy and Tina were great (though, why didn’t we see more of them?!). But what stood out to me most was that the women of the ceremony were totally and completely riled up and ready to talk about women’s roles in Hollywood. Nearly every female winner of the night had something to say about …